Offering today's top television composers and breaking new artists at preferred, pre-negotiated rates.

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Our highest tier of service delivers impeccably produced CUSTOM SCORES, MINI and MICRO LIBRARIES with award winning, top industry talent. A seasoned TV/Film composer will work directly with you and your production team to create a unique signature sound to support your story and sonically brand your series.

Starting at $350-$500 per cue (duration up to 2:30). Delivery includes full tracks with individual stems resulting in numerous edit options.

Super Sound

Our preferred partners continuously recruit up-and-coming talent and keep their rosters full of the industry's next generation of top tier composers. Under the direction of veteran composers, these breaking artists create custom cues of the highest production values at reduced costs.

Starting at $250 per cue (duration up to 2:30). Delivery includes full tracks with individual stems.

Sound Savings

A+E Music Services, in conjunction with our preferred partners, has the flexibility to work within almost any budget. By creatively structuring deals, we can help you make custom music a reality for your next project.

13 Episode Series
10 Original Cues Per Episode
130 Cues Total

Deal Examples:
* 100% Owned = $2,500 per episode
* Hybrid Deal (70% ownership) 30% discount = $1,750 per episode
* Joint Ownership (50% ownership) 50% discount = $1,250 per episode

Gratis SCORE

We have extended our production library agreement with West One Music to now include the creation of custom cues by many of their A-Level composers for select series across all of our networks worldwide at no cost.

Cues created under this partnership will be exclusive to AETN until a limited time period after the last premiere of the Series for which they were created.

Thereafter, those cues will go on to have a new life in the West One Library. AETN co-owns all cues with West One in perpetuity.

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Don't leave your show's sonic signature to a library track. A custom theme will mark your program with a unique and recognizable audio identity, adding value to your brand and ownership of your creative.

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Preferred Vendors

Click here for a list of AETN's preferred rate custom composers

Production Music Libraries

A+E Networks' music libraries are pre-paid, pre-cleared, and *pre-approved by the network for use in all AETN qualifying productions - at NO COST to you. Over 100,000 exclusive cues (including submixes, cutdowns and stems) are accessible to our production partners via web portal and/or hard drive. In addition, our approved libraries provide dedicated music supervision services, including searches and playlist curation.

* Use of a music library other that the libraries AETN provides for free must be approved in writing by Jennifer Insogna, Head of A+E Music Services, or Programming EP


Re-records (covers) give you the freedom to re-invent the world's most recognizable songs. Partnering with both indie and well known artists and producers, re-records modernize classics and reinvent today's hits. While synch licences apply, re-records don't require potentially expensive master licenses, and your show will reap the benefits of being associated with a well known song and/or breaking new artist or chart topper. Re-recorded masters owned by the network qualify for commercial release via iTunes, CD Baby, and Amazon (among others) on A+E's own record label. Yes, we have a label!

Songs "In The Style Of"

Recording songs "in the style of" utilizes top indie artists and producers to create custom tracks in the style of classic songs and current hits without the costs of synchronization and master recording licesnes. Songs "in the style of" are 100% owned by the network and are clear for all media, world wide, in-perpetuity, including commercial release on A+E's record label.

Commercial Songs

The A+E Music Services Group has a division dedicated to clearing commercially recorded songs. We have an extensive network within the recording industry, including major labels, top artists' agents and publishing companies. Our years of licensing experience and "know how" will help you identify and procure the perfect song(s) for your project.


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